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Do You Have Your Insurer’s Group Benefits Mobile App?

Do You Have Your Insurer’s Group Benefits Mobile App?

Do You Have Your Insurer’s Group Benefits Mobile App?

Many Canadian employees have a group benefits package through their employer. Within the last few years, many of the top insurance companies in Canada have launched mobile applications and online portals to make it easier for plan members to interact with their health and dental plans via smartphones and tablets, or through the Internet.

Have You Ever Wondered…

What is the easiest way to submit my health claims?
How do I sign up for direct deposit so I can get my money back faster?
What if I lost my benefits card and I don’t have my group policy number?
What is covered under my plan?
How do I contact the insurance company directly for quick answers?
What number do I call if I am out of country and have an emergency?
Did I forget to submit a claim?
Has my claim been paid?
How much money do I have left to claim for certain benefits this year (ex., massage)?

It is quick and easy to download the insurance company’s free mobile application. Before you can use the app, you will first need to register on the insurer’s website to obtain a username and password. See below for quick links that will take you directly to some of the top insurers’ websites. Be sure to have the following pieces of information on hand:

1. Your group policy number
2. Your certification number (also knows as identification number)

Important Note: Most insurers will require that you use the plan member’s information (the employee) when registering, which in some cases may be your spouse if it is his or her plan. With most insurers, you will be issued only one username and one password, which you will have to share with your spouse if you both want to have access to the app and/or online portal.

Some of the Features of the Mobile App Can Include:

  • Use your smartphone as your drug and travel cards. You no longer need to carry your insurance provider’s cards in your wallet!
  • Photo submission allows you take a photo of your claim and submit it through the app, instead of having to mail receipts by Post.
  • Phone number to contact the insurance company directly.
  • Update banking information and contact information.
  • Reminders and alerts.
  • Submit and track medical, dental, and vision claims.
  • View drug claims over the last 12 months.
  • Get coverage details for health, drug, vision, and dental.
  • Drug lookup by name or DIN (drug identification number) and review of potential generic and/or less-expensive drug alternatives.
  • View remaining balances for health spending accounts.
  • Access helpful videos and articles.

Where Do I Go to Download the App?

Sun Life Mobile app: Click Here

Green Shield Mobile app: Click Here

Great West Life Mobile app: Click Here

Rwam Insurance Administrators Mobile app: Click Here

Manulife Financial Mobile app: Click Here

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