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Use this simple and easy to use tool to compare up-to-date life insurance rates in Canada within seconds. This tool compares rates from all major insurers in Canada.

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Provide Basic Info

– For the “Health Class” selection, most policies are issued at “Regular” rates, so we always recommend choosing “Regular” to start with.

– To be considered a non-smoker, you must not have used tobacco of any form in the past 12 months.

-If you smoke or consume marijuana, most insurers have certain weekly amounts that you can consume, and still be considered at non-smoker rates.


Choose the Type and Amount of Coverage

– The most common types of term insurance are Term 10, and Term 20.

– Rates and coverage are guaranteed for the duration of the chosen term.


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– If you wish to proceed with coverage based on the displayed results, please click “Request application” and enter in your details for us to be able to provide one-on-one assistance. We will be in touch within 24 hours or less.

– If you are unsure what coverage is right for you, that is ok, we can help.

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Choosing the right life insurance depends on your unique needs. The rate differences can be substantial, varying based on the type of coverage and among insurance companies. Working with a broker who can efficiently navigate the marketplace based on your specific needs is crucial.

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