Pooled Benefits Plan

Lower Fees. Savings. Rate Stability.

Joining a pooled group benefits plan can be a smart decision for small companies seeking stable insurance rates and enhanced buying power. By pooling resources with other businesses, companies can access more affordable and predictable premiums, benefiting from the collective bargaining power. This approach also simplifies administration and allows for customization, making it an effective way to provide comprehensive and sustainable coverage for employees.

Rate Stability

Premiums remain manageable and predictable as claims are spread over many companies. This results in long-term rate stability.

Buying Power

Grouping companies together grants bulk purchasing power from the insurance company, leading the insurer to charge lower fees.

Lower Admin Fees

Reduced administrative fees mean the insurer needs less money for health & dental claims, creating annual savings for the company and its employees.

Customized Plans

We provide custom plan options and options that can match your current plan.

Simplified Administration

We offer dedicated in-house support to help handle administrative tasks, freeing up your time.

More Choice. More Benefits.

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Join our pooled benefits plan and unlock the purchasing power typically reserved for large corporations. Enjoy stable rates, comprehensive coverage, and the strength of collective bargaining, regardless of your company’s size

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